Chiropractic has been around for over 100 years and in that time has become the leading form of alternative care for millions of people. With gentle, specific adjustments, Dr. Fancher will help you realize a greater quality of life, perhaps than you even knew was possible.

          Pediatric Care

Gentle spinal adjustments for infants and children can aid with:


Difficulty breast feeding

Ear infections


Frequent Colds


Back Pain

Bed Wetting

Traumatic Birth


Therapeutic massage can be an invaluable tool to help speed the recovery of the body and heal years of damage done the spine and soft tissues. We have 2 massage therapists on staff who have countless hours of experience and who specialize in the type of massage that helps you progress in your care and life.


There are certain exercises and stretches that can be done at certain points during your active care phase in order to speed recovery. These tools are essential in order for your spine and body to begin to relearn how to keep you in alignment and healthy.


Gentle, specific adjustments along with ligament work during pregnancy can aid with:

Sciatic Pain

Low Back Pain

Difficult Labor

Breech position

Numbness and Tingling

Pelvic Alignment

Ligament Release

Fertility Problems